Here comes the big one people! KULT Records presents SUMMER HITS 2011! A 33 track compilation featuring 20 never released before full vocal records which you will be able to hear and fall in love with before the single drops as well as some unreleased mixes of previously released single and a few key best sellers from our recent offerings all wrapped up on one album! The selection contains various styles that range from soulful vocals to trance vocals from rap to belting to disco swinging! You name it, we got that vocal styling here! YES its summer and we want to showcase all the appropriate tunes for your ipod playlist for all hours of the day from your work out at the gym to your sun tanning at the beach to your riding in the subway! As always you will find your Elise 5000, Marcus Gauntlett, Lula, Dynamix, Pagano, Inaya Day, Giangi Cappai, Lizzie Curious, Graeme Lloyd, Payton, Wilson Santos,Tiff Lacey and many many more KULT favorites and new KULT signs! Prepare to board! This music journey is about to take off!!! —->>>Kult Records Summer Hits 2011 Compilation


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